Save the Wolves Foundation is committed to making support of wolves as easy as possible by giving you simple, effective ways to donate to the environmental and conservation charities you care about. The Save the Wolves Foundation Difference: you don’t have to choose between these different organizations because when you use our unique auction and shopping portal you support them all!

Defenders of Wildlife

Defenders of Wildlife has been a leader in wolf conservation since wolves first appeared on the federal endangered species list. Defenders is dedicated to preventing conflict between wolves and humans by supporting the use of preventative measures. Our work with landowners and communities is reducing conflicts between wolves and humans and increasing general tolerance for wolves across the landscape.

Alaska Wildlife Alliance

Founded in 1978, the Alaska Wildlife Alliance is the only group in Alaska solely dedicated to the protection of Alaska’s wildlife. Our mission is the protection of Alaska’s natural wildlife for its intrinsic value as well as for the benefit of present and future generations. The Alliance is your voice for promoting an ecosystem approach to wildlife management that represents the non-consumptive values of wildlife. AWA was founded by Alaskans and depends on the grassroots support and activism of its members.

Center for Biological Diversity

The Center has worked continuously to reintroduce the Mexican wolf to the wild and to provide it with protection from government and private persecution, beginning with a 1990 court case that led to the wolf’s eventual reintroduction. Along the way, we’ve helped defeat two livestock-industry lawsuits that sought to compel the government to trap or kill all the Mexican wolves from the wild, and we helped defeat a bill in the House of Representatives that would have terminated the reintroduction program. Our advocacy induced the government to re-release trapped wolves into the Gila National Forest, and our 2006 lawsuit led to an ongoing process to reform management of the wolf program so more wolves are left in the wild.


WildEarth Guardians

Working to rekindle and protect the tiny population of Mexican gray wolves in the Southwest, WildEarth Guardians has joined with local, regional, and national conservation, scientific and sportsmen’s organizations, as well as concerned citizens to This website has everything related to the Southwest’s lobos, including photos, news updates, ways to get involved and take action, information about the reintroduction program, a Kids Zone and more.